Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week Closing In, Almost Gone

Ya know, there's just some people that have to live in misery.  Not me!  I like to find humor in just about everything.  Even those buzzards sitting there waiting on ol BB. hahahahaha  (Sry, BB, just thot that was tooo funny).

Today is my one and only grandchild's bd.  She's having a get together later.  I am gonna have to have a nap first.  Woke up around 2, and was about 6 before i went back to sleep.  No upchucking tho. Don't know why that happens so much lately.  O,,,i wasn't sick, just couldn't sleep.  Age related?, lol, probably.  A pain here, a pain there,  turn, toss.  Get up for a while.  Do i take something, or not?  Will for sure, tonight.  Have Unisom, seems to help sometimes.   Or Aleve.

That East Coast thing is horrible.  I wonder about the people in NY,  and other cities, that have no way to leave.  And the homeless?  Let's all keep them in our prayers.  I sure will.

Don't know what's going on with Jude.  Yesterday, he stayed in nearly all day.  Then today, he ate a few bites, wanted right back out.  Know it's not a girl friend, can't do that.  Keeping a watch on those possums?  Then, last 2 days, when he comes in late in the day, he has dirt all over his head!  hmmm,,just how is that happening?  He's white, with yellow trim,,,lol,,siamese markings.  Blue eyes.  A red point siamese.  Looks like a pure bred, but don't know.  He was given to me by a lady in Lampasas, after he had showed up at her house and stayed.  He was about a year old when i got him. 

Hunger telling me it's brunch time.  Guess this is it, for today.  Don't seem to have anything to bellyache about.  Or anyone to hate. 



  1. I think that all those that choose to live in misery, complaining about everything they can, real or imagined are just really unhappy people that want to blame all their life's problems on someone else cause they ain't got enough guts to face up to where the real problem is. Instead of raising themselves up, they would rather drag every one down in the pits with them. I do my best to get far far away from those that can't do any thing but complain about every body around them. Just because they want their life to be miserable does not mean that mine has to be.

  2. Agree totally. Read my motto. Don't worry, be happy. That's the way i choose to live. And no, i haven't had a life without horrible tradegys, but will NOT wallow in them the rest of my life.