Friday, August 19, 2011

Time Goes Marching On

Ya know, as u get older, time seems to go by faster.  But... THEN, when u get older, it flies!!  Wonder how fast it'll get when i get older? hahahaha  Hey DD, this is something to "wonder" about.

I can't believe that you are as dry there, as we are here.  Never heard of such a thing.  The Gulf Coast, drying up?   Somewhere in one of the blogs today, i read where someone was asking what the Ol Farmer's Almanac says.  Would be good to know,,,maybe. lol.  In the Austin paper today, lol, i read where we have made arrangements to truck in bottled water, if it comes to that.  River flow today, same as yesterday.  I had to do that for 3 days, back a few years ago when the river got on an huge rise, washed out water/sewer  lines in this part of town.  Wasn't a big deal, except for taking a shower.  You couldn't.  After 2 days, i took a pan of water into the tub, and bathed like that.  Felt more like a bath.

Finally called the plumber,,, darn it.  He'll be by this afternoon.  I can drain my sinks, flush, but ,,,gonna wait on a shower, and laundry.  Drains gurgle when i use any of them, not a good sign.  Pumping on them has not helped, might have made them worse.  Didn't do that until i pumped the first time.  My wrists are sore from it. 

GEEZ, gonna get down to 101 in 7 days.  Gonna turn that tv off.  I'm beginning to really enjoy the quiet.

I've been in my non-sleep mode the last few nites.  Can't go to sleep, so i get up and read awhile, go back, get up, go back.  Then,,, need a nap, like now.  About time it breaks.  This is a repeat every few days.  Then i'll sleep 10 or 11 hours a nite.  And,,,that's ok too.  Tell my bros, i'm taking my nap before i get up. 

Gosh, time for that nap.  Yall HAGD


  1. I am getting where I need a short nap in the afternoon

  2. Plumber showed up about the time i shut my eyes, didn't get it all, gotta come back in the am.

  3. Dag burn it Trouble, I were read'n your blog, what I never knowed you had one, and figger out why ya ain't been post'n comments on my blog. I sure were miss'n ya and now I know the reason why. You can expect to see me bright an' early every morn'n read'n away and possibly make a comment ever once a while.