Friday, July 15, 2011

Rental Property

Got everything done this morning, except shower.  Waiting on delivery of a prescription.

 I went out earlier and tried to straighten out the grill thing on my bedroom AC, not much luck.  Just don't have anything that works good.  I took out 3 different combs, a stiff toothbrush, and didn't do much good at all.  It has a grill over it that needs off.  Have no idea why it's on there anyway.  It's like a 2" square one.  I might could make a comb work if that wasn't there.  Needs to be cut off tho.

Called drug store and they aren't delivering the prescription this morning.  Said they didn't hear back from my Doc yesterday.  Since it comes in 3 boxes, they can bring one, and the others when they get ahold of the Doc.  Have to have it after 1 more day.  Told em, if it was up to me, i wouldn't take any of it.  But my Doc doesn't agree.  Won't know about all the blood work til next week, maybe then.  (Wishful thinking)

WELLLL, my trail of ants are back in full.  Going thru that sevin dust like it's not there!  Don't know what i have on this side of my house, that they find so good.  Also, i found another nest of yellowjackets.  Had seen 1 sometimes, but not another nest.  When i moved my broom there it was.  All 2 of them.  Straight into house, back out with my can, got em.  WHY WHY are they insisting on building here by my back door?   I have nooo mercy!  When i was a kid, red ants fascinated me.  They won't sting unless they are mashed on, used to let em crawl on me.  One time, i tried to dig up a hill of em.  Then another time, i filled a gallon jar with dirt, and put some in it.  Had tunnels all thru it.  My son used to throw his carcasses of animals he'd shot, on a bed of them.  Then he had the skeleton. 

LOLOLOL,,,Gotta tell u what my bro B did way back.  He was painting my dining room, and when he started on the ceiling, he wrote RUDE on it.  Don't know why, but he did, then he painted over it.  Years later, i had rented the house, and went down there using an excuse of some kind, cause weird stuff going on, like windows in the garage painted black, padlock on the door, etc.  Wanted to check this out.  He and my son went with me.  Didn't find anything in the garage, but the man said he wanted to show US something weird in the house.  We all went in, and he pointed out this writing on the ceiling coming thru the paint, said he's just noticed it not long ago.   He thot the house had ghosts! lololol  See, i didn't know B had done that, so i thot, strange, too.  They told me later, it was all they could  do not to snicker, when he had said that,  after B told me what HE had done.   They were among the many that left owing me.  I always tell people NEVER rent a house.  You will lose big time.  Damage, rent owed, etc.

OK gotta get.  Friend S called, said she had some cornbread and beans if i wanted some.  DO I EVER!!! hahahahaha.   Hunger calling.


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