Monday, May 30, 2011

Boring Boring Day

OK DD, i still can't post to ur blog. How r others doing it?,,And,,just where r u today???? Blogger has fixed a couple of things on mine, but not all yet. oooo,,,i didn't try posting to mine today. It hasn't been letting me thru google account, have to use name/url.

Still no plans for today. Nobody wants to be out in the heat, including ME. But u never know about us. There r things i could do in the house, but.....maybe, r maybe not. There is never anything i have to do, i can always say, do it tomorrow. Have tried to tell N that. Won't do any harm to wait a day to do a full house cleaning, u do NOT have to do it on Tuesday! It's a compulsion, she can't change it. So,,even when she's sick, hurting all over, r anything else, she cleans on Tuesday! I'm gonna be gone Wed, with her, to see a chiropractor about her problem with both arms and hands. She still might have to go c a neurologist.

Well, boring day here. I do need to get up and do a couple of things, like, dishes and teeth. bbl, maybe


  1. checking here,,,nope, not working.

  2. Bob_From_Athens

    I am still having the same type of posting problems on a couple of sites, yours is one. That is why I identifyed my self at the top. don't ya just love blogger !!?

    I find that at my agee, as well seasoned and set in my ways as I am, if I put something off that I regularly do for a couple of times, then I forget all about it for a while, now while that don't do much harm for things like mowing the weeds, (yard), and picking up sticks in the yard, the garden on the other hand well, it just gets mad, lets the weeds take over and dies from neglect and lack of water.

  3. Well, i can't even post here on mine,,,lololol,,,unless i use another way, too.
    U described that memory thing just right. hahahaha, and the yard stuff.