Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Critters, Great and Small

All critters, animals and insects, are looking for water now. So you will see abnormal things, does NOT mean rabid. Saw my next door neighbor run off a skunk one time, with her water hose, it put it's tail down and took off. All it was doing was hunting food in the wet ground where she had some barrels of water. Lack of water means lack of food for lots of things. I have my mother to thank for teaching us to love all critters. She didn't teach us to be scared, she taught us to care. That's why I have my red ant hills left alone, in my yard. They are part of our ecosystem, here for a reason. O,,,by the way, they don't have a trail going by my car any more. I have 3 cocoons of eggs hanging on the outside of my house, that that huge ladder spider left there, last year. I loved to feed her a grasshopper, (when i could catch one, lolol),,,and watch how fast she wrapped that thing up. Got N doing it one day, then she found 2 or 3 at her house too. When she laid and hung her last egg pouch, she just fell off her web and died!!!! I cried. I put her up on a table so the fire ants wouldn't get her. We had watched her doing that last pouch. The pouches are still there, conditions have to be right for them to open.

I quit working for a woman and a company, in home health one time, after she sat there telling my supervisor how they poured kerosene on baby rabbits and set them on fire when they were kids, then my super told her how she put out antifreeze in her drive way for the neighbor's cat!!! Still MAKES ME SICK!!! I raised baby rabbits when my german sheppard brought them in.

N invited me out for supper yesterday, DEER MEAT again, didn't take me long to say when,,,lol. We got the last 4 hens named, hahahaha, eenie meenie minee mo,,,can't tell them apart, so doesn't matter which is which.

Bout lunch time, well, I'm hungry, so bbl? always maybe


  1. Wildlife of all kinds has a place on this earth. Humans are the biggest parasite and the biggest threat to all life, even their own.

  2. knew you would feel the same, and i agree with you.

  3. I believe that ALMOST all wildlife has a place on this earth. Around here and probably all over Texas we have them *&^%$#@!*&^%$#@ cutter ants. Give them two nights and they can totally strip a three foot tall rose bush. Lately they have been going after my flowers, marigolds right now. I have a couple poisons that will beat them back, nothing seems to wipe them out, except that $35.00 a can gas that the Texas Forestry Service has. Only takes eight to ten cans to wipe out a town of them. Oh ya they are also called town ants. Live and let live all others, bees, red ants, little bitty ants, wasps, etc, but town ants gotta go!!