Thursday, September 29, 2016

Still Around

Yeah, still here,,, same ol, same ol...

Waiting for my car to get picked up this morning. Just for a going over, check up,,,If i go out of town, i want to know everything is ok,,, and i know, it can still have something come up. Sometimes it hangs in park and i went by and asked him about it last week. He said after i start it, to wait about 5 seconds to move the shiffter to let it do something?,, dont remember what. Anyway it still is hard sometimes. Little things like that.

I dont think i wrote about this, but my niece was burned with gas about a month ago, dumb dumb dumb, but she threw it on embers and when it flamed up she stepped back and fell. It burned her about 30% mostly over her hips and legs. They flew her to the Brooks Army Burn Center in San Antonio. She is finally showing some improvement over the pneumonia, and a bad infection, which is finally gone. They still havent let her regain consciousness, which is good what with the treatment they have to do, and are doing skin grafts as much as possible.  Might be there another month.  Dont  know what will happen later, she and her husband fight all the time, just got kicked out of their trailer for not making payments, 3 little kids they shouldnt have custody of.  Still, shes family and its going to be horrible for her. Would appreciate your prayers for her.

Weve had lots of rain and the lakes are full !!!,,, Been years. Having to use the flood gates a lot, now.

Im supposed to have a stress test and there is one in F'burg that doesnt require you to lay on a little narrow table with your arms up for 20 minutes not moving, twice. Wont do that ever again. Just cant. This other one is an ETT?,, myocardial?,, and they inject something in you, let you sit in a chair when they hook you up to the machine,,, and gosh, dont know what im talking about, just that i wouldnt have to lay on a table twice.  Now im wondering if a hip replacement would help, since it hurts on both upper legs in the bursa area, the same. Gonna ask before i do anything else.

Enough yet? Im out of anything to say, so yall tc, and



  1. Getting burned is the worst thing ever. I feel sorry for your niece. She will have those scars for ever and they will be a remembrance of that dumb act.

    1. yes,,, dont know how she will handle it

  2. Wow. Did I land in the right place today. There is absolutely nothing as painful as a burn and the debridement. I am SO glad she will miss out on that part. And the pneumonia, another piece of enjoyment in a burn unit. Even a tiny burn grabs my attention for days.

    As for your hip...I can't walk now, but I said I'd rather wait til I'm in a wheelchair to get a hip, instead of getting a hip while I can still stand - only to land IN a wheelchair due to the new hip.

    Yes. I'm positive like that.

    As for a stress test, I will NEVER allow an injection to speed up my heart. In case you're not aware of the percentages, MOST women show a false positive for a blocked artery during a stress test.

    Been there, had the catheterization. (however it's spelled)

    Come visit my blog missy, and see what boat we're both rowing. It sounds like I've got the left oar and you're working the right oar. And I didn't even admit to my black depression.