Friday, August 5, 2016

To You BB

Your OVERDUE post wont let me put a comment on it, so,,,, this is it.

I did a double take when I saw it, not kidding! And I know I don't post every day, week or even month now, but I do comment on others so everybody knows im still around.

That pic of you sure looks good, and the fat cat too. lol. Mine wont fit on my non existent lap, hes so heavy. When it lightning he creeps thru the house and attaches to my feet. If I move he does too. So funny.

Ok, wasn't a post til I read yours, so yall tc, and



  1. It's the rainy season in Florida and I have to time my trips to the store based on the clouds. An unexpected storm hit while I was gone and Beau had run behind the couch, got entangled with all the cords, got loose somehow and was hiding in the bathroom when I got home. Now I DO NOT LEAVE unless the house is on fire.

  2. I went home for lunch one day, which wasnt my norm, and found one of my cats with a wire from under my refrigerator wrapped really tight around his back leg. I managed to shove the frig over enough to see the wire wasnt live, then cut it from the frig. THEN i took it off his leg. OMG, it was swollen and he had a hard time walking on it at first, but it still gives me the horrors thinking about me NOT going home that day. And i still cant imagine HOW it did that.