Monday, June 1, 2015

Tree's A Problem

My bro said he wasn't about to touch it. If it's cut in the wrong place it will fall against the house and do more damage. Got a call in to a tree service,,, mercy!

 Talked to my insurance company and they're gonna go ahead and send someone to survey the damage. I'm  hoping i can get my deductible absorbed by one of them.

Just got the call to schedule my MRI,, 6-3. Now, if i can  just do it. Swore i'd never do one again, now here i go. Well, gonna try.

I think the heat is on the way. No rain in forecast, 90s coming up. That tree made a lot of difference, shaded the west side. Really hate it's gone.

That's all i've got, folks, Just not much to blog about.

Yall tc, and



  1. Good luck on the tree and your medical problem.

    1. had a tree service come late yesterday, and if he can get the ok from my adjuster, he and his crew are gonna do it Saturday.

  2. Hope they can get that big ole thing off you roof without anymore damage. Good luck on the MRI

    1. thx. and i hope i can lay there long enough to do the MRI. Need to know what the problem is, get it fixed.