Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Blues

Dog days are here... Temps gonna be over that 100 now, for a while. I'm staying in almost all the time, short trips for supper and groceries, that's all. I entertain myself with internet stuff, jigsaw puzzles, movies, books, naps,,, lol.

My 2 brothers and i went for a joy ride yesterday. All around our side of Lake Buchanan, just to see water in it now. Just 7 feet below normal,, amazing! With the El Nino staying through the winter like they are predicting, it will fill up. AND, Texas is no longer in a drought.

Having trouble with flea control on Jude. I have my last application on the table now, waiting to catch him going out. Need to look into ordering some more.

Boiled 2 eggs to make chicken salad. Put the eggs on and forgot, so i hope they are done. I use relish instead of pickles chopped,,, easier. lol.

Just got up and made the C salad, eggs were WELL done.... Not sure if i want that or the red beans and rice left over from yesterday. Almost noon, and i'm hungry, so i'll have to decide pretty quick.

Yall tc, and