Friday, January 16, 2015

Online Orders

I'm finding out more and more, that firefox does NOT handle lots of things i need. Just this morning i tried looking at a copy of an order i placed yesterday, kept in bookmarks thinking i would get an email, and,, nothing. The bookmark would not load the page, just the address at the top, and they didn't send an email. I called and they located my order and will send an email so i will have a copy. It's a new electric blanket and will be here next Tuesday.

 DO NOT EVER buy one that is fleece, like i did and am having to send back. It crawls like satin sheets, will only heat the bed if i put it on H, and then when i turn it down, no matter what number, there is barely any heat. At least they are sending me a return label, and taking it back. I told the lady that called me late yesterday that i hated everything about it, and she said if i had gotten a plush one, it wouldn't crawl like that. Didn't say anything about the heating part. and O YEAH, it turns off after 10 hours, (supposed to be able to change that, but couldn't) and leaves me nothing for a couple of hours before i get up.

I couldn't believe the prices on those things now. Last one i got, about 20 years ago, was at a garage sale, but brand new. I shopped online for days, finally gonna try one from Kmart. Leaving the other one on til it shows up.

Went to see a therapist yesterday, and the exercises she showed me are stretching ones for that hip. I really think they will help....Just doing 2, twice a day. Have to use the bed, in that cold bedroom,,,

O yeah, firefox won't let me pay some of my bills online either. Guess i need to put all my bookmarks over into another browser and just take firefox off. Not showing my order is kinda the last straw. Do any of yall have this problem?

Still off oxygen!!!....So whatever i had went away, and hopefully never comes back.

Gosh, i have so many appointments coming up, hope i don't miss any. Like, next week there's 3, 2 for tests, lung doc ordered, and 1 for therapy. I have them on sticky notes on here, first thing i look at when i turn laptop on.

Breakfast time, hunger pains,,so yall tc, and



  1. I've been using Firefox ever since I got my first Mac about 7 or 8 years ago and have had no problems. Most problems I have with the computer software now is because I don't use an iPhone or any other kind of technology. The screens in programs such as Google, AOL, etc. and smaller and I can only see a small portion of what my screen would hold. I'm sure that's because so many people only use their phone screens.

    I hope you next electric blanket works like you need it to. I couldn't sleep under one of those - I just have cotton knit sheets, a thermal blanket, and a medium weight down comforter and I stay toasty warm - even throw off the comforter part of the night.

    Stay with the exercises the therapist gave you to do. I think keeping up with physical therapy really helps but it's a pain to do the exercises! Hope you feel better real quick.

  2. My left hip got better when I accidentally bought some ugly-assed shoes. Just my luck, they are the ONLY shoes I can walk in that does not cause horrendous hip pain (to the point I cannot take another step and Joe has to help me get to the car, or inside the house). I've done everything I can to discover what the difference is between these "PUMA" shoes and my others. I've even ripped out the inserts and can't see much difference. Warmth helps, as you know. But nothing else does.

    I never could use a heating blanket due to the wires. I'm like the princess and the pea, and I just KNEW wires were in my blanket. lol

    No oxygen is a good thing and I'm happy you've gotten that much good news.

    1. The stretching seems to help. And the wires in the blanket are above me so no problem.
      Thx about the oxygen.

  3. I am also in the market for an electric blanket for my uncle but there is not much selection in this small town.

    Glad to hear you are off the oxygen and feeling much better.

  4. The fleece ones crawl, like satin, you dont want those. Cant tell you about the plush yet, but thats what im getting. My son told me they had one that did that too. Might be better to call and ask.