Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hey, I Remembered

lol,, Yeah, i remembered to start changing clocks yesterday,, first 2, my bedroom one, and the one on the coffee pot.  Now, gonna pretend nothing happened.  I figured out years ago, the best way to get used to it, is just look at that time,,, take it like it is.

My car has been fine,,,i've even started parking it forward into my carport.

My SIL has gotten one of those sleep apnea thingys to sleep in... I'm going this coming week and check into it.  I didn't know there was a home thing to use to check it.  Thot you had to go somewhere and spend a nite with things stuck all over you.  She said hers counted 31? times she did that during one nite, so yep, she qualified for the Machine.  AND, it doens't have that big thing to stick over your nose, just a soft strap with nose pieces.  I checked my O2 when i got up yesterday and it was 90, not good, soooo,, gonna check it out.

Just got a pork stew started,,, have to use pork, can't afford beef.  Gonna make it the same as beef...

I make all this stuff, put the leftovers in the freezer, and don't want to eat them later.  And, i don't want to cook what i have in there, either.  What to do,,, what to do?

My favorite nephew and 7 of his friends, loaded up in his mom's van and headed to CO late yesterday.  Don't know how he talked her into that!  lololol.  She has his car, but,,, it won't back up, so she has to remember to park it to not use reverse.  It still has the deer damage on left front, cause he didn't have comp insurance!  If nothing else, i carry that.  Used it a LOT too.  He's been working this last semester and saving to go back to school the next one.  He sorta has a fiancee too, and she's with em. 

Well, i've become brain dead, so yall tc, and



  1. I will only use oxygen. I would not be able to sleep with a CPAP mask on my face. I figure if I load up my blood with oxygen, my body can withstand it when I stop breathing for short periods of time. So far, so good. I also took one of those tests at home using a little portable device that monitored my oxygen levels.

  2. I will see my doc this week about all this, and i will ask about the oxygen thing too. This wasn't a mask over your face. It resembles the tube for oxygen.

  3. Joe and I each went to a neurologist and he gave both of us the same diagnosis, SLEEP APNEA. Even though we had different problems.

    We both got tested and OF COURSE, we both have it. Joe is STILL trying to get used to that darn mask slipping and letting air escape. It's gotten so bad that he is LOSING sleep over it.

    I've decided not to pursue it. If I've managed this long, a little longer isn't going to be impossible. I figure I've got enough hassles without adding a CPAP mask.

  4. SIL has like, a tube with little things for your nose, not a mask. Said it was comfortable. It's like an oxygen hookup, just a little bigger.