Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Monday

Didnt go to respite today, sure glad.  Couldnt go to sleep last nite, then when i woke up at 7;30,,,went back to sleep til 9;30!.  Needed to rest up today, for that trip to Austin tomorrow.  Hate the thot of having to go, but going with a friend so wont be too bad.  Gonna ask that new doc to fill this lap band up so i cant even swallow water!!  Been almost a year now, and i havent lost the weight like i should have.  Well, not any.  That other doc would never get it tight enough.  Told me to count calories and exercise.  I told her thats why i had the lap band to start with.  Tried every diet there ever was, nothing ever worked. Never liked her.

Winds blowing like crazy today, carrying that west texas dust and poisons.  Think thats why theres so many allergys now.  They do all that spraying and it gets carried right on down here. 

Just not much to say today,  title says it all.  Maybe tomorrow will bring some excitement.  At least a story.



  1. Hey, don't get it too tight. I don't ever want one of those. I hear if you try to eat too fast you throw it all back up. So, like I said, don't get it too tight.

  2. Here it is Wednesday and still blue. Blue sky though so that helps my blues. I'll be back. Did make comment somewhere under "Anonymous" as Mr.Blogger gives me trouble often. Two and more years and still I flounder about at times. Happy to meet you. Sissy

  3. Sissy, soooo very glad to meet u. And thx so much for becoming a follower.