Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Great Easter

O boy,,, Have a little hope today, with my hip, leg problem. The doc put an injection into the SI area, said it was the only place left to try...(OMG, then what?) And it seems to be working, little or no pain now. I'm still having to use the walker and probably always will, but,, no pain? I'll do that. I know BB mentioned this and i hope his is working for him. We seem to have the exact same problem. I was just getting to the place where i couldn't find a pain free position to sleep,,, not good.  There is still one option, the spinal pain stimulater. But that's an implant and she explained it could be a problem with the new drug i was put on,,Eliquis. I told her i would stop taking it long enough to do what was needed. O well, still hoping this injection is gonna work.

Ok,, enough of that. I had decided i couldn't go to my nephew's for our annual Easter get-together,,, but,, my SIL told me they would take her mother's wheel chair she had at her house, and i wouldn't have to worry about trying to walk. SOOOOO i did and it was fantastic. I could use the chair like a rolling walker and get in and out.

He had our butcher cut 32 1" pork chops, and i don't know how many chickens, plus sides of sausage, maybe other stuff,,, lol. SOOOO GOOOD! I had 1/2 of one chop, a little potato salad, and a little baked beans. Now to tell the rest of the story,,,, 1 small piece of chocolate pie, and half of a small slice of pecan. I didn't even bring anything home, which i usually do for another meal. I did take a 12 pack of beer when i went out the day before so the "cooks" would be encouraged to cut that wood,,, hahahaha.

I took my son a plate since he couldn't go, couldn't walk either. He went to the doc yesterday and he drained a lot of fluid off his knee, and put a steroid shot in it too.  He called last nite and was amazed he could already walk on it. He can't wait to get it well enough to use that little rolling scooter thingy they gave him,,, hahahaha. (you put a knee on it and roll away, no crutches.) He'll be rolling all over town!

Did yall know that our Verizon is now Frontier? I changed it all last week, but when i tried to pay my bill today, i couldn't sooooo,,, just decided to wail til after the first. NOW, hope i don't forget...lololol. I pay almost everything online, postman told me i was taking his job away,,, hahahaha.

Have yall seen that new TV show, Little Big Shots? Love it. It's like the old Art Linkletter(?) about kids say the darnest things. I recorded 2 hours of it Sunday nite, and watched a little last nite. It had idenital twins 11 yo, playing jazz with their horns... O WOW. They had about 8 of their siblings as the rest of the band, played 'when the saints go marching in".....Might have to back up and see that again, was so good.

Ok people,,, hope i've made up for missing so many postings, so yall tc, and



  1. Glad to hear from you and that you are still alive and kicking. We older bloggers worry readers when we disappear from blogging for a few days.

  2. I know, thats why i told everybody i was going to.

  3. Some do and some don't. You are polite enough to do so, BB doesn't. He has stopped posting a few times in the past, but doesn't usually stay way from it for very long. Yes, we worry and I hope we hear from him soon.

  4. I sure hope this shot is the one that keeps you pain free.

  5. Its better, but, still has 3 more days to go. Guess i could say LOTS better.

  6. Where is Barney, the OFM?

    His blog is gone,2 days now.