Saturday, December 19, 2015


Felt like i was paralyzed when i woke up this morning, had to force myself to turn over, get up. Now it feels like i pulled something and i can barely move or sit,,, or anything,,, lol. I took a pain pill right after 5, do can't take another one yet. I twist and turn trying to get relief and cant,, it's in y right hip area, and gosh it hurts.

Ok enough, i'm just getting old,,and older.

Working with the animal control officer here on that yapping dog next door. I'm at keeping a list of date, time, etc. Calling in and asking them to put a note in his box about it. After the holidays he will take it to a judge and hopefully something will be done. I called in at 2:30am yesterday,,, lol. Hopefully an officer went by and woke THEM up.

My nephew's house burned all the way down Wed. nite during the nite. He got out with a few burns, but lost everything. Worst thing is,, the fund set up for him was done by my sister (another one) and she will just take out anything she wants for herself. I sent my niece a question about it, but wont donate a thing til i know who's in charge, and probably a lot more feel the same way. That sister and the rest of the family do NOT associate. Her husband, a baptist preacher, sexually abused children, family ones too, and when we all found out, she took HIS side and stayed with him. But even their own kids won't let THEIR kids around him. He pleaded guilty and got 10 years probation at his trial, and we were assured he would end up in prison, BUT,, he hasn't and it's about over. Then he will be totally free. When any of us have called his probation officer about things he's done, all they do is slap his wrist, say,, dont do it again. 

Enough of that too lol.

I sent an email thru My Chart to my pain doc, and a nurse called me and i was told that the RFA would still work, what i was concerned about, and it might even be a little more than 3 weeks. When i carried in a heavy load of groceries, then next day, a heavy trash bag out, i was down for a day. I wasn't told bout that. But now i know,,,

I decided i would just hand out the few gifts i got for my kids, and a few others... Just not up to plugging in my tree, wrapping, or anything. Gonna try to make one of the jello salads for dinner that day and that's it.

Sure hope yall have a great Xmas, and able to be with family... so,, tc and



  1. We are going to cancel Christmas this year.

    1. dont blame you,,,only thing im looking forward to is our dinner...and,, poker lol

  2. Hope you get some help in managing your pain, I hate to hear you are feeling this bad.

    Shame your nephew lost his home.

    You are lucky to have animal control in your city and that they are working with you.

    Take care and if I don't read you before then may you have a Merry Christmas.

    1. Same to you MsB.
      I got some pot from a nephew to try with this pain, heck, i'll try anything. I've never even had a puff of it, but... if it will help, i'll darn sure do it.

    2. I think pot should be legalize in Texas at least for medicinal purposes like it is in other states.

      My mother said her grandmother suffered from severe arthritis and she would make marihuana tea. It seemed to help a lot with the pain.

      She grew her own pot plant but of course this was back in the day before anyone even knew about its other use.

    3. Well, i tried it and NEVER again... It was in butter, so i added it to my egg yesterday, and mercy, how it messed up my mind...NEVER AGAIN! I didn't know you could do all this, but he already had the butter, green, lol. And you could smell it after i cooked that egg... lololol.
      I really do think it should be legal too.