Saturday, November 7, 2015


Checked in to MysticMuds blog and was informed i couldn't read it because i wasn't approved! hahahaha Only reason i wanted to is because i wanted to see if she was still bumming off people, asking for hand outs. That was the reason i left it anyway. Anybody doing this? Or signed up? Hate bums!

My g/dotter showed up with one, and i had to tell her SHE and the baby could stay anytime, but NEVER him any more. My God, he's 46 and still doing online classes to earn some kind of a degree, (excuse for not working). Now he's too old to even get a 20 year retirement. Talks about all these high paying jobs he can get,, well dude,,, where are they? Surely she'll wake up. No one can stand him around here, probably anywhere else too.

Gosh, had a hard time trying to sleep last nite, with this pain. No position worked. and i barely could get up this morning. I guess i set too long in a bad chair at my brother's yesterday. It's like i'm sore from the pain, BAD! Gonna stay pretty inactive today. for sure! And here i thot those injections were working... (plz plz work).

Took a couple of pictures yesterday, the Friday before deer season... Usually can't get thru town, with the hunters everywhere. We advertised we're the capitol of TX in deer hunting. Used to be the USA, and before that, the world.... lol. Just know there's LOTs. We have 2 cousins down from Sherman and are out at my Sis's today, unless the rain made them wait. She told them they better not shoot her doe and her twins. Hope they don't but others might. On the river, right behind her, they could get shot any time. There's been 3 bucks coming there too, and she told them they were ok.

As a matter of fact, i haven't heard any big guns going off today,,,, hmmmm, rain must have messed a lot up.

Having trouble with my u not wanting to work.

All the merchants raised their prices for the hunters. Groceries, gas, but when i went in to get a kid's bun at Inman's Kitchen, home of turkey sausage, and with the beans, total was over 6.00, i just canceled and left. That little 1/2 cup of beans were 1.95!!!,,, Nope, not me. Should come with the other food, like Cooper's does.

Mercy! I've gotta take a nap,,,think i can get into my laz/y/boy and do it. Yall tc, and



  1. Hi Trouble. Been keep'n up with your back issues. Glad to hear they are finally do'n something. When they did the shots in my back, to see where the pains were com'n from, I didn't get much relief. The ablation to F3, 4 an' 5 helped the back pain, but not the hip pains. Then I got the shot in S1, just to see if'n it would help the hip pain. It's bout 50% less pain than before. I'll have the ablation done to the S1 soon I hope. Just thought you would like to know so's you can tell your doc what worked for me. Good luck.

  2. I quit reading that blog too. It makes me sick that people fall over themselves to help these people. what the hell is it with having all these kids and no dam money. And I don't want to hear it's God's will. I'm sure God doesn't expect people to breed like rabbits and then need hand outs.

    Hope you shots start to work soon, real soon.

  3. That is not right for the merchants to raise prices for hunters or any other event but it happens.

    Hope you get to feeling better.