Tuesday, January 21, 2014


He fixed this laptop!!  Honestly didn't think it could be done.  This man is retired from some big computer company, teaches computer classes, mostly to the seniors there in Kingsland.  I found him years ago, in the phone book, and have never used anyone else.

Gonna watch what I download,,,lol.  He gave me a list of things to do to keep it cleaned up.

When I had picked it up, I circled by to see if my g/dotter was home, and they were.  Ended up staying all afternoon.  We went to the great Mexican food place and ate lunch,,, and i'm still full.  Had 1/2 order of nachos, loaded.  Took a basket of chips to eat all that.

Just thot i'd let yall know,, back on my laptop and it sure feels good.  So yall tc, and



  1. Ya ain't a little bit spoiled with that laptop are ya?
    I been through three of 'em....won;t never go back to a desktop....or what ever they call 'em now days.
    Glad you're happy.

    1. Im on it,,,but all morning ive had to fool around with things, probably making it bad again, just to get some things to work...
      Before id use that desktop all the time, id buy another laptop. Faster and portable.

  2. Replies
    1. still trying to get it back like it was,, had problems adding flash player back, and prob. got some bad stuff. Ran a scan and nothing showed, tho.

  3. Glad you found someone to help you with it. Wish I could find one too that did not charge an arm and a leg :-(

    1. Accidently did it,,, got him out of the phone book, years ago.